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The UI/UX Design Behind TikTok World

In 2021 Wizardly was honored to be chosen as the UX/UI designer for the global launch of TikTok World – an online events platform where TikTok for Business held twelve consecutive online events for their worldwide community. We worked with a team of talented animators and developers to dream up an interactive platform and event experience.

UI/UX goodies

Graphics package

Once UI/UX design wrapped on TikTok World, we stayed on to create launch event graphics for their launch event. After concepting and designing phases, we then translated each graphic into 21 different languages for the global campaigns.

Nett, Sie kennen zu lernen (Nice to meet you)

Broadcast graphics

We also created broadcast graphics for the TikTok Business Team that were woven throughout the global event’s virtual sessions.

The cutting room floor

As with almost every project, there were some designs we had to say goodbye to in the process of uncovering the event’s style. Here are some graphics we still love even if the audience never got to see them.

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Brand Identity, Logo Design, Illustration, Website Design, Website Development, Graphic Design

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October 2021

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