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Hi, we’re Wizardly!

Meg and Josh began collaborating on branding projects in 2013. They now live in two southern cities (Charleston, SC and Nashville, TN) and work with wonderful people from all over. Wizardly is the embodiment of their shared passion to ensure that their client’s next big business adventure is a dream come true.


Although she studied business and graphic design, Meg always preferred hard work over the classroom. She was crafty for years before she moved into the world of graphic design, and now delights in creating beautiful things alongside her partner and clients. She hates to miss deadlines, so her favorite projects are the kind where everyone gets what they want, when they want it. She lives in downtown Charleston, SC with her husband Patrick and their 3 children.


  • Enneagram Type 8
  • Direct & honest
  • An open book


  • Thrifting
  • Consuming fiction
  • Getting shit done
Co-Founder / Creative Director / Brand Design / UX 


With a background in education and music, Josh has found true passion in the world of design, web, and brand identity. A successful project for Josh means that his clients walk away with a new perspective not only for their business, but for themselves as individuals. He loves building confidence in business owners and entrepreneurs, showing them that their natural gifts and vision make the world more complete. Josh lives in Nashville, TN with his wife Natalie and their son.


  • Enneagram Type 4
  • Connects by emotion
  • Asks “why?” a lot


  • Endless conversation
  • Anime (don’t laugh)
  • Social media fasts
Co-Founder / Brand Strategy / Web Development