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Service: Logo Design

Logos that tell a story

Tell your entire story with just a few thoughtfully placed pixels.

With Wizardly, our comprehensive logo design process goes far beyond creating a simple mark. We create meaningful designs. When we’re done, we will ensure your designs work seamlessly across all digital spaces. Don’t settle for just one good logo design when you can gain a family of marks and illustrations to tell a story about who you are, compellingly and cohesively. 

What We Do: Logo Direction

Discovering a design direction

Our journey starts with a discovery phase where we work closely with you to uncover the visual direction you want for your logo design. We understand the importance of being on the same page before we proceed to create. It’s a critical step in ensuring that your logo communicates your values effectively and aligns with your vision. We do this by presenting multiple Visual Direction options before going off to create anything. If you’ve completed Brand Strategy with Wizardly before beginning logo design, we have research and data to back any visual directions we present.

  • User + Competitor Research

  • Branding Questionnaire

  • Visual Direction Presentation

What We Do: Deliverables

Designing more than just a logo

We don’t believe in being stingy when it comes to your logo. Our comprehensive logo design package includes multiple distinct logo concepts to provide you with options and flexibility. You’ll receive a logo mark and submarks for versatile logo applications, multiple logo orientations for adaptability across platforms, a 6-color palette for logo cohesion, supporting logo typography for message consistency, a user persona guide to educate your team on effectively using your new logo, and logo guidelines providing clear rules for logo layouts, typography, colors, and more. Plus, we offer one week of revisions because we’re dedicated to perfection.

  • Multiple logo design directions

  • Brandmarks + submarks

  • Illustrations that expand the brand

  • Multiple orientations

  • Cross platform exports

  • Brand guidelines

What We Do: Collateral

Zero collateral damage

Beyond logo design, Wizardly specializes in expanding your brand into comprehensive collateral. We understand the need for your brand to be versatile and adaptable across diverse marketing channels. Our creative team crafts collateral that maintains the essence and identity of your brand while ensuring it resonates consistently. From business card layouts to email signatures, branded Zoom backgrounds, and social media graphics, we provide a wide array of collateral materials. This ensures that your brand stands out, communicates its value proposition, and engages your audience effectively in all digital spaces. With us, your brand is not just a visual identity; it’s a compelling, cohesive, and enduring story that captivates your audience.

  • Biz cards

  • Zoom backgrounds

  • Email signatures

  • Brochures + print work

  • Social or ad graphics

Service: Logo Design

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