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Service: Brand Strategy

Mastering brand strategy

brand strategy services

Every successful brand needs a roadmap.

We help businesses improve and align messaging, brand position and visual identity to create a consistent brand experience across all touch points. Our brand strategy services include white boarding sessions, clarifying activities for your team, and a brand manual deliverable that will act as a roadmap for effectively communicating, both internally to your team and externally to your company’s audience. 

Strategy Sessions

In just 3 whiteboarding sessions, we delve deep into your core values, company mission, and unique identity. This information guides invigorating discussions that help us pinpoint your value propositions, brand differentiators, and messaging. A comprehensive Brand Manual, derived from these sessions, is designed by Wizardly to shape both internal perceptions and external communication, becoming the blueprint for your company’s identity.

  • 3 Comprehensive Sessions

  • Brand Manual

  • Digital Whiteboard

Visual Strategy

Your brand’s personality deserves an equally captivating visual execution. Our experts will take your brand positioning and explore the exciting world of design possibilities. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a visual language that speaks to your audience on a profound level. Our Visual Strategy presentation includes at least 3 distinct options for how you will appear online, each with the data to back up our design choices.

  • Multiple Options for Design Direction

  • Design Direction Revisions

  • Brand Preview

Brand Manual

Every successful journey needs a map, and that’s precisely what your team will receive. Our Brand Manual defines your unique identity and ensures every member of your team is on the same page. It’s more than guidelines; it’s your brand’s North Star, leading the way to consistency and effective communication.

  • 30-Page Brand Manual

  • User Personas

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Brand Messaging

  • Visual Directions

  • Vision, Values, Mission

User Research

In the digital age, understanding your audience is non-negotiable. Partner with our experienced UX research team to develop a comprehensive strategy that targets your audience effectively. By tapping into their preferences and behaviors, you’ll be better equipped to meet their needs.

  • User Surveys & Questionnaires

  • User Testing for Prototypes

  • Target Audience Research

  • Brand Audit

Content Strategy + Messaging

Words have the power to shape perceptions and drive actions. Let us put words to your brand differentiators, value proposition, and the ultimate brand positioning statement. It’s not just about what you say; it’s about how you say it.

  • Content Audit

  • Copywriting

  • User Flow

  • Elevator Pitch

  • Brand Positioning Statements

Competitor Research

In the fast-paced world of business, staying ahead means knowing your competition inside out. Our comprehensive research will provide valuable insights into your competitors’ strategies, strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions and position yourself for success.

  • Content Analysis

  • Visual Analysis

  • User Flow Analysis

Service: Brand Strategy

Launch your brand using our versatile team of problem solvers.

We love helping our businesses craft a clear and compelling brand identity that resonates with their audience. Work closely with our team to define unique positioning, messaging, and visuals, setting the stage for long-lasting success in the market.

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