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A Safe Space

Kinship Holistic Psychotherapy is a business dedicated to making a safe space for individuals to heal. We wanted to radiate this feeling of safety and comfort through their branding materials and touchpoints.

Look and feel

Most of our clients have an idea about how they want their site to be and we love being the partners that make that spark come to life. We have a thorough discovery process in every project when we all of our client’s project ideas and inspiration. After that process, we’re then able to uncover our client’s primary design aesthetic and bring their vision to the real world. 

People are at the core of every company

We want your company to feel like you. And we think storytelling is the best way to do that. We design every About page on our website to hold honest touch points that humanize companies doing good work.

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Kinship Holistic Psychotherapy


Brand Identity, Logo Design, Illustration, Website Design, Website Development, Graphic Design

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June 2022

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