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A Custom Fit

Ingenuiti’s professional services deliver unique, high-impact value. They know that one size doesn’t fit all and work closely with their customers to uncover their unique needs, developing and delivering tailored, industry-specific solutions. At Wizardly, we echo that approach and relish the chance to create something wonderfully individualized for our clients. 

Old Logo

The cutting room floor

We provided three branded concepts for the Ingenuiti team to review. All of them represented their outstanding ability to custom-tailor business solutions to the end user, but each logo package also had unique qualities to highlight the company’s brand differentiators.

Stock full of goodies

Our branding packages come with as many branding assets as you need to make your company come to life on the web. For Ingenuiti, we whipped up some patterns, a branding guidebook, and a custom icon set. 

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Brand Identity, Logo Design, Illustration, Icons, Graphic Design

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July 2020

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