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Ever wonder about the magic behind the UX design process and methodology? Thinking about the end user is at the forefront of all our design decisions at Wizardly. Whether we are redesigning a website, creating a flyer or building out a pitch deck, you’ll often hear us say:
  • “What is the goal of this project?” What are their needs, wants & pain points?
  • “Who is the target audience?” What do we want the user to be able to do or achieve?
  • “What is the intention of the message? What do we want the user to think, feel or do after seeing our design?

We use these questions to help guide our design decisions, because we believe that having a user-center approach to all our projects will lead to better outcomes for our clients and their target audience. 

Why is it so important to design with the end user in mind?

When you understand the project’s objectives and the user’s needs and goals, you can create designs that offer custom solutions, better aligning the client with their users. Having a UX design process and methods can lead to a number of benefits for our clients, including: 

  • A stronger brand reputation
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Increased user satisfaction & engagement
How do we ensure that we are designing for the end user?

Our approach, and how detailed we get depends on the type of project, but we believe that every project needs a general baseline. Here are some of the UX best practices are design team uses: 

  • Empathize with the users
  • Think about the user journey
  • Use data to inform design decisions
  • Get feedback from users
  • Be iterative
How has Wizardly implemented this approach to projects?

Below are a few examples of how we’ve applied this approach to our work to create successful designs for our clients:

  • Website Design: Before starting a project, we prioritize understanding the user journey and how they interact with the website. As a result, each page flow must be carefully structured, individual objectives must be identified, and users should be guided to prevent confusion or overload. This thoughtful process extends throughout the entire project, even into the development phase. If a client requests a new section during the design stage, we don’t simply implement it. Instead, we carefully consider whether this section adds value to the user experience and aligns with the established page flow. This ensures that every addition enhances the user journey rather than hindering it.
  • Flyer Design: At first you may wonder how a flyer has anything to do with users? Let me explain –  The connection lies in the fact that designing a flyer solely with visuals in mind can easily overlook crucial elements that make it easy for busy individuals to quickly scan and grasp the intended message. Approaching flyer design with basic graphic design principles like hierarchy might get you close, but strategically considering the placement of each element allows you to group, position, and structure the flyer in a way that prioritizes the most essential information for your target audience.
  • Pitch Deck Design: You may be surprised to learn that successful deck designs are deeply rooted in UX, especially pitch decks where your objective is to convince clients or investors to work with you. This involves understanding your target audience for your deck and crafting a compelling story that generates interest. When working on client projects, we achieve this by helping our clients craft that storyline at the beginning of the project, suggesting effective page flows, and simplifying designs while seamlessly integrating branding elements such as imagery, charts, and more. Learn more about our suggested solutions to your common “Deck on fire” problems.

With the end user always in mind, we create designs that bridge the gap between our clients and their target audience, ultimately leading to successful outcomes. Our UX design process and methodology has proven effective across a diverse range of clients and projects, and we genuinely enjoy applying it to solve complex design challenges. If you’re seeking a design agency that prioritizes user experience and delivers impactful results, we encourage you to reach out. We’re ready to collaborate with you in creating designs that resonate with your audience and achieve your business goals.

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