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In the vastness of brands online, one way you can get users to “look twice” is to create trending design work and slap your logo on it. It’s a temptation that even we fall prey to. However, at Wizardly, we firmly believe that a brand that is consistent is a brand that is effective. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of brand consistency and how it extends beyond visuals, to include messaging, attributes, and personality. We’ll also delve into the concept of a design system and how it can be the foundation of brand consistency, allowing your internal team to confidently wield branded elements. So, how does one create a consistent brand presence? Let go!

Brand Consistency Begins Within: Creating and Maintaining a Design System

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “use it or lose it?” Brands each have design elements like color, typography, photography style or illustration work. These design pieces were created with good intension, for an intended audience, and should not be altered lightly. If you don’t use your brand elements consistently you will lose their associative value for your customer or audience. The longer you use a brand (even if you get tired of it) the more time your audience has to create an association between what they see, you, your product or service, and the feeling they get when interacting with you. If you plan on losing some brand standards or refreshing them, for the love, do it with the same intentionality with which your brand was created. An essential step in achieving brand consistency is getting your internal team on board. A well-crafted design system can be the key to ensuring everyone in your team uses branded elements consistently. At Wizardly, we’ve utilized various tools, such as Figma, WordPress, and Notion, to create and manage design systems for our clients. These tools streamline the process of sharing design assets, guidelines, and templates, enabling a unified brand language that speaks cohesively across all touchpoints.

Beyond Visuals: The Art of Brand Messaging

Consistency goes beyond visuals – it extends into the world of messaging. Consider how your brand sounds when you speak or write. Is it formal and professional, or casual and friendly? Ensuring a consistent tone and voice in all communication channels reinforces your brand’s identity and fosters trust with your audience. We provide fun workshops for clients to guide them towards establishing the same voice. Some of our goals during those meetings would be to craft an elevator pitch, value propositions, brand differentiators, all leading towards one primary brand positioning statement. 

The Personality Behind the Brand

Imagine if your brand was a person – what kind of personality would they have? Understanding your brand’s attributes and personality is integral to creating a consistent identity. To explore this further, we’ve crafted a brand attributes quiz that can help you define your brand’s character, values, and essence. Like designing a living room, we consider the furniture, lighting, and scent; similarly, we infuse your brand with attributes that resonate and connect with your target audience.

What is The North Star of Branding? Audience Empathy.

At the heart of brand consistency is a deep understanding of your audience. Keep this persona at the forefront of all your branding efforts. Know their preferences, pain points, and aspirations. Aligning your brand with their needs ensures that every touchpoint resonates with your audience, building strong connections that last.

Ahem… Small Plug. Wizardly’s Design Subscription Service

To empower businesses with consistent branding and ongoing support, Wizardly offers a design subscription service. With our design team at your fingertips, you gain access to top-notch design services, ensuring your brand remains consistent and visually impactful. From brand refreshes to ongoing design support, our team becomes an extension of your brand, helping you craft an unforgettable presence in the market. Interested? Let’s chat! or read more about our design subscription here. 

Brand consistency is the secret to an effective and impactful brand. With a well-managed design system, unified messaging, a defined personality, and a deep understanding of your audience, your brand becomes a force to be reckoned with. At Wizardly, we’re committed to helping businesses create powerful and consistent brand experiences. Join us on this branding journey, and together, we’ll weave a brand presence that leaves a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of your audience. Embrace brand consistency, and watch as your brand becomes a true beacon of success. Let’s work our magic together!

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