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Case Study

Priority Commerce

Unlocking a Vision

A Collaborative Journey with Priority Commerce

Summer 2022 brought a remarkable opportunity to Wizardly when an agency based in Atlanta reached out. They had secured a monumental website redesign project but lacked an in-house design team to bring their vision to life. Armed with a wealth of expertise in user flows, copywriting, and information re-architecture, they took on the Herculean task of consolidating eleven (11!) websites into one cohesive platform, They scripted the entire project and defined the new site’s architecture. That’s where Wizardly stepped in, ready to shape the project’s design concepts and create hundreds of prototypes in 12 weeks time.
priority commerce bank website redesign
“The most difficult part of this process has been trying to decide between the options they gave us!”
“All the choices represented our ideas and our thoughts and what we are as a company.”

Summer 2022:

Unveiling a New Visual Identity

In the heart of Summer 2022, our collaborative journey with our friends at Morrison Agency and Priority Commerce began. Together, we embarked on the quest to uncover the perfect visual direction and define a compelling brand strategy. Our mission was clear: to encapsulate the essence of Priority Commerce’s unique identity through our design work, including illustrations that would breathe life into their digital presence.

  • User Research

  • Define Visual Strategy

  • Illustration Work

Still Summer 2022:

Crafting a Unique Digital Experience

With visual direction firmly established, we dove into the intricate world of UX and UI design. Armed with a new visual direction, we introduced a truly distinctive UI that would set Priority Commerce apart. Our team meticulously crafted wireframes and prototypes, covering every detail across both desktop and mobile platforms. By the time we were done, we had produced over 150 pages of work, all designed in Figma.

  • UI Design¬†

  • Figma Wireframes

  • Figma Web Prototypes

  • Desktop and Mobile

Summer 2022 (Still):

Revisions Galore!

As the project timeline ticked away, we faced the crunch head-on. Revisions became our daily bread, as we tirelessly honed and fine-tuned every aspect until the client was not just satisfied but delighted with the result. Our unique ability to serve as the client-facing interface during revisions and represent our intermediary agency seamlessly was a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence.

  • Revised Meticulously

  • Revised Endlessly

  • Revised with Kindness

Case Studies Summary

A Tale of Eleven Websites Merging into One in Just a Dozen Weeks

The Priority Commerce project was a testament to the power of collaboration and the remarkable results that can be achieved when different strengths come together. This case study underscores our ability to work within other agencies and tackle complex design challenges.
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