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Clearloop Case Study

Pioneering Clean Energy with a Digital Transformation

As the world’s attention shifted towards sustainable energy solutions, Clearloop, a trailblazing company in the renewable energy sector, found itself at the forefront of innovation. They recognized the need for a digital transformation to amplify their impact on combating climate change. In 2023, they embarked on a journey to redefine their online presence, and this is where their story with Wizardly begins.
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Beginning of 2021:

A Common Tale of Woe

Clearloop had a common website problem on their hands. They were gifted a fully coded website by a well-meaning design company. While it was a thoughtful gesture, it was impossible for the Clearloop team to make updates to their website, and the site was already showing signs of breakdown. Recognizing this problem, Clearloop turned to Wizardly for a solution. We migrated their website to a user-friendly, drag-and-drop platform in WordPress, giving Clearloop the freedom and control they needed over their digital presence.

  • Rescued a Broken Site

  • Provided Drag and Drop Platform

  • Dedicated WordPress Hosting and Support


A Vibrant Visual Direction

As Clearloop’s digital transformation journey progressed, it was time to breathe new life into their visual identity. Wizardly’s creative team went to work, crafting a myriad of bright, cheerful illustrations with playful yet expert animations. These visuals spoke volumes about Clearloop’s mission to bring solar energy to middle America. The design assets found their home on Clearloop’s WordPress site, forming a captivating narrative of sustainability, innovation and joy.

  • Figma Design Prototypes

  • Animation for the Web

  • Visual Direction

  • Illustration Work


An Interactive Innovation

In 2022, Clearloop’s visionary CEO, Laura Zapata, had an idea that pushed the boundaries of design and technology. After launching their groundbreaking solar energy project in Jackson, Tennessee, she envisioned an interactive dial that would showcase how much energy they were reclaiming for the city, in real time, 24 hours a day. Wizardly’s development team embraced the challenge, crafting a code based on current readings that animated a sundial on their website. This interactive feature juxtaposes carbon avoided with solar energy gained, offering an engaging and educational experience for Clearloop’s audience. Oh, and that year we gave Clearloop a whole lotta print and deck goodies!

  • Animation

  • Illustration Concept

  • Custom Development

  • Print, Decks and Design!


A Transformational Acquisition

Silicon Ranch Corporation, one of the nation’s largest independent power producers, recognized the potential of Clearloop’s groundbreaking work and acquired the clean tech pioneer. This acquisition marked a significant milestone, expanding Silicon Ranch’s offerings to corporate buyers seeking comprehensive renewable energy solutions. Clearloop continued to operate under its brand, led by CEO Laura Zapata, sharing office space with Silicon Ranch.

Case Studies Summary

Empowering Clean Energy through Good Design

The journey with Clearloop showcases Wizardly’s commitment to supporting innovative companies on their quest for sustainable impact. We thrive on collaborating with trailblazing tech startups during their funding phases, helping them position their brands to engage with both audiences and investors effectively. As Clearloop’s story of sustainability and clean energy continues to unfold, we look forward to exploring new narratives and embracing future chapters of design and innovation together.

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