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Alloy Therapeutics

Elevating Alloy Therapeutics

A Journey of Design Innovation

In the dynamic biotech landscape, Alloy Therapeutics sought a creative partner that would reshape their digital presence to align with their innovative products. We embraced this challenge and began an engagement that re-imagined Alloy’s branding and expanded their library of graphics. Our collaboration evolved into a profound partnership, one we enjoy to this day.

“Wizardly has served as an incredible design extension of our lean internal marketing operations. They are true thought partners and collaborators, bringing fresh thinking and design ideas to refresh our brand identity and overhaul our website. They created an incredible design system to communicate our innovative science and ecosystem model visually, which has truly helped us stand out, and are always eager to support our product launches with high quality web pages and supporting collateral. Their design talent is matched with their incredible customer service and ‘can do’ attitude.”

Erin Glablet
Director of Communication, Alloy Therapeutics
“They are true thought partners and collaborators in design and websites.”
Alloy Therapeutics Biotech Design | A Journey of Design Innovation
“Their design talent is matched with their incredible ‘can do’ attitude.”
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End of 2021:

Bye Bye Webflow

Alloy Therapeutics approached us underwhelmed by their previous agency’s limitations. Their Webflow launch felt constricting, unable to accommodate their aspirations. Their existing design standards lacked the vibrancy and dynamism that mirrored their groundbreaking work. We took up the challenge eagerly, armed with a vision to redefine their brand identity.

  • Identify Pain Points

  • Set Project Goals

  • Light Website Makeover

Beginning of 2022:

A New Direction Takes Shape

We began with in-depth competitor analysis and meticulous target audience research. Rooted in classic brand strategy, we uncovered a fresh visual direction. Our goal was to  create a flexible visual identity that could scale with their expanding range of products and services. Central to this evolution were the “the blobs” (as we lovingly called them) which captured the essence of Alloy’s innovation and ecosystem. These dynamic gradients evolved into duo-tones, each shade representing a biotech platform or service offering.

  • Target Audience Research

  • Competitor Research

  • Brand Strategy

  • Visual Direction

  • Illustration Work


Decks, Displays and Beyond

Our collaboration extended to crafting meticulously designed pitch decks that spoke the language of Alloy’s innovation. We established a deck template that ensured consistency and cohesiveness in their brand messaging. This led us to develop more graphics that showcased Alloy at trade shows, stunning booth prints capturing attention, and exquisite print materials that underscored their professionalism.

  • Pitch Decks

  • Investor Decks

  • Print Work

  • Graphic Design


A Site Redefined

As startups evolve, so must their digital presence. In 2023, Alloy Therapeutics underwent a transformative website re-launch. We crafted prototypes for six new pages, introducing animated graphics that added an interactive layer to their online experience. This site restructuring marked a new chapter in Alloy’s online journey, aligning seamlessly with their growth trajectory.

As Alloy Therapeutics continues to push the boundaries of biotech innovation, our partnership stands strong. We’re thrilled to be part of Alloy’s journey, as we collaborate on launching sub-brands and supporting their unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

  • Site Restructuring

  • Figma Mockups

  • WordPress Web Development

  • 2D Graphic Animation

Case Studies Summary

A Story of Innovation, Collaboration, and Growth

The Alloy Therapeutics case study exemplifies our commitment to solving design challenges and nurturing enduring strategic partnerships. Our journey continues as we explore new narratives and embrace future chapters of design and biotech innovation coming together.
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