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Wellhaven’s Brand Repositioning

Compassionate design, delivered

At our design agency, we thrive on the opportunity to help brands come to life and reach their audience with innovative design solutions. In 2017, we were brought on board to help a company called Carolina Health Care, providing them with a complete branding and website package that would set them on a path to success. Little did we know that this partnership would evolve into something even more remarkable.

Meg and Josh are fantastic! Incredibly talented, completely professional, and consummate hand-holders to the under-informed, Wizardly got us through start to finish on a rebrand which included logo design, print pieces and a website. They really helped us stand out visually within our industry all while building realistic expectations and working within our budget and timelines. On top of all that, Meg and Josh are just great people. You can’t go wrong with Wizardly.

Ryan Thompson
Owner, Wellhaven Home Care


A Branding Challenge

In 2020, (then called) Carolina Health Care had experienced incredible growth, but there was a significant challenge on the horizon. The company’s name, which had been inherited from a previous owner, no longer reflected their core mission. Although the name implied a healthcare focus, the company was thriving as an in-home care team, serving the elderly, children with disabilities, and individuals with cognitive impairments. It was evident that a name change was necessary to convey their values and services accurately.

  • Identify Pain Points

  • Set Project Goals

  • Brand Strategy Meetings

  • User, Competitor and Market Research


Rebranding Vision Shapes Up!

By 2022, the owner recognized the urgency of a rebranding effort. We dedicated an entire summer to extensive research, delving into the new name’s perception among the target audience, the competitive landscape, and the availability of domains and trademarks. After thorough consideration, the client settled on “Wellhaven,” a name that resonated with the ideas of wellness and feeling at home, perfectly encapsulating the essence of their services.

  • Target Audience Research

  • Competitor Research

  • Brand Strategy

  • Renaming


The Rebuilding Process

With the new name in place, the journey continued in 2023. We focused on identifying a clear visual direction, and creating a distinctive family of logos. The use of Figma prototypes allowed us to craft a well-thought-out web design, which we brought to life through a user-friendly WordPress site. The end result was a beautiful and functional website that not only captured the brand’s essence but also converted effectively to meet the needs of the audience.

  • Logo Design

  • Website Design and Development

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Brochure and Business Card Design

Case Studies Summary
The Wellhaven case study is a testament to our commitment to solving design challenges and cultivating lasting partnerships. We believe in helping brands evolve and communicate their unique stories effectively. As we continue to explore new narratives and embrace future chapters of design innovation, we’re excited to be part of Wellhaven’s ongoing journey towards excellence.
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