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Wizardly proudly collaborated with Arnay Sciences, led by the visionary scientist Sudhir Agrawal, who recently achieved an OTS lifetime achievement award for groundbreaking work in RNA drug discovery. Our partnership extended beyond a conventional brand makeover; it was an opportunity to encapsulate Arnay Sciences’ revolutionary spirit in every aspect of their identity.

Capturing Excellence: A Distinctive Brand Package

Our journey with Arnay Sciences began with a complete brand package. This included a logo design that symbolized innovation and scientific excellence, a simple yet impactful website serving as a digital calling card, and brand collateral comprising letterheads, business cards, and an email signature. Each element was meticulously crafted to resonate with Arnay Sciences’ pioneering role in RNA drug discovery.

Communicating 45 Years of Scientific Advancements

Sudhir Agrawal’s remarkable 45-year scientific journey deserved a visual narrative that matched its significance. Wizardly, with its passion for data visualization and expertise in UX web design principles, collaborated closely with Sudhir to create a compelling deck outlining over four decades of scientific development. Through intuitive design and clear data representation in PowerPoint, we transformed complex scientific achievements into a visually engaging story, allowing Sudhir to share his impactful contributions with clarity and impact. This collaborative effort aimed to honor Sudhir Agrawal’s legacy and further establish Arnay Sciences as a trailblazer in RNA drug discovery.

Sudhir Agrawal D.Phil, FRSC

Founder and President, ARNAY Sciences LLC

Client Name:

Arnay Sciences


Brand Identity, Website Design, Logo Design, Website Development, Graphic Design, Print Design, Deck Presentation

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Launch Date:

October 2023

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