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ércule A Journey of Brand Reinvention

A Passion for Reinvention

At Wizardly, we thrive on the thrill of reimagining brands, especially when our clients allow us to take bold risks. is one of those remarkable brands that caught our attention. Their dedication to impactful work and exceptional content marketing tools inspired us to embark on a creative journey to make them stand out even more.
A Creative Crossroads

What’s the next chapter for We delved deep into research, exploring two predictable styles and throwing in a curveball for good measure. To our delight, they embraced the curveball, solidifying our admiration for their adventurous spirit. The visual direction we proposed was a captivating blend of Saul Bass sophistication with the whimsy of a Rube Goldberg machine—truly a visual treat.

  • Identify Pain Points

  • Set Project Goals

  • User, Competitor and Market Research

  • Visual Identity Presentation

The Wizardly Touch

Enter the magic of the build. Our incredible design and UX teams worked their wizardry to breathe life into the envisioned concept. With meticulous attention to detail, we crafted a visual identity that harmonized’s innovative spirit with a touch of playfulness. From logo design to website prototypes, every step of the process was a collaborative dance with the client, ensuring their brand story resonated at every touchpoint.

  • Collaborative Dance with

  • Transformed Concepts into Reality

  • Logo Design and Visual Identity

  • Website Prototypes Presentation


The Rebuilding Process

In summary,’s journey with Wizardly was a harmonious fusion of creativity and strategy. By embracing the unexpected and taking risks, now stands as a beacon of innovation in their industry. The Saul Bass meets Rube Goldberg visual direction reflects not just their tools but the dynamic essence of their brand. +

  • Passion for Innovation

  • Collaborative Risk-Taking

  • Extendable Illustration Style / Design Assets

Case Studies Summary
From the crossroads of predictable styles, chose the curveball, aligning seamlessly with Wizardly’s ethos of pushing creative boundaries. The resulting visual direction, a captivating blend of simplicity and whimsy, now stands as a testament to’s dynamic identity.
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