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What does Wizardly do?

We do branding. If a brand is the set of perceptions people have about your company, then branding is the action of cultivating those perceptions. Wizardly provides branding in the form of visuals like logos, websites, and powerful brand assets. Our goal is to define your company and your style visually to hold your audience captive.

Mystical Creativity

As we begin our design work, we look for spirit. We’ve found over time that the best inspiration comes from you, our client. When we know your story and why you choose to do what you do, we uncover meaningful visuals to center your brand around. Something that will be immortal beyond the design trends of our current time.

Services Include:
Brand Assessment
Logo, Web, & Print Design
Brand Style Guides
Concept Prototyping

Charming Connection

Managing your new brand (in every place that it lives) take time and imagination, which can pull you away from the more central parts of your adventure. Your brand needs a team to direct it, top to bottom! That’s why when we send new designs online, we don’t just give our clients web training, but we take on the beastly work of making you look good and move freely in every online quest. Our valiant web support packages will make sure the connection between you and your audience is never lost. 

Services Include:
Custom Websites
Website Training
Support Packages
Website Software Updates
Dedicated Server Hosting

Divine Foresight

What’s the point in all this work if nobody ever sees it? That’s why we see strategy and marketing as an essential part of your journey. We use incredible marketing tools and technology to strategize our approach. By studying your audience and anticipating what they might need, we can captivate them on social media, emails, search engines, and more. It may seem like black magic, but don’t worry – we know all the secrets.

Services Include:
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Ongoing Brand Management