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Vision Come to Life

Marking goods is a company that values herbal wellness and creates intention-oriented items. To echo their mission and style, we developed a logo and website that played up their focus on care and ease. Additionally, we helped create several physical goods that all visually tied back to their new brand.

Leaning into imperfection

Keeping in mind Marking Goods personal products, we created a number of crude shapes with imperfect edges to speak to our earthy-ness as humans. Wizardly created designs for several physical goods, including box cards, stickers, and a zine (like a mini magazine about a niche topic!). We particularly loved the Marking Goods new color palette that had a 70s vibe with a lot of whimsy.

Client Name:

Marking Goods


Brand Identity, Logo Design, Website Design, Website Development, Graphic Design

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Launch Date:

May 2021

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